Improvements to Bank Transfers in Pingit

Since we introduced bank transfers to Pingit, all of the bank accounts you had saved for future use in The Barclays App and Online Banking were not available to pay in Pingit, and vice versa.

We wanted to change this so you have the same set of saved bank accounts no matter which way you choose to make your payment, so we are combining your list of saved bank accounts to make it easier for you to pay the people you need to pay.

While we are making this improvement there will be a short period of time where bank details you have chosen to save for future use may not be saved immediately, though be assured that your payments will not be affected and will be processed as normal.

We may have to replace some of the characters in the bank account name if we cannot process the payment using the name you have saved. If we have to replace a character we will do so with '?'.

Once the work is done we will let you know so you will have confidence that any bank details you do save in future will be there for you to pay again when you need to.

Thank you for your patience!

The Pingit Team