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Due to the effects of the coronavirus, our team is currently operating a reduced service and don't have any telephone support at this time, we're sorry for any inconvenience.

If you do need help try searching our FAQs by typing a keyword or two in the 'Ask a question' bar above.

If you have an urgent problem that can't wait, you can contact us on the email address below:

Email: app-support@barclays.com and to help us, please add 'Pingit' to the subject line of your email.

We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can but your patience is really appreciated.

Thanks for your understanding.

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To access Covid 19 form click here

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The Covid-19 ('coronavirus') situation is understandably creating a lot of uncertainty. We've created a hub offering support in lots of different ways.

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If you're getting an error when using the app, you can type the error code into the 'ask a question' bar above to get more information.

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Just download the app from your phone's app store, then follow the instructions.

Registering with a Barclays current account?
You can register for Pingit using the same login details you use on your Barclays app.

Registering with a UK bank account that isn't Barclays?
We'll text you a verification code which you'll need to enter into the app to confirm your mobile number. We'll also send a penny payment to your bank account with a reference number – enter this in your app to confirm your bank details. Check your bank statement for the payment to find the reference number.

After you've confirmed these, you can start using Pingit straight away.

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Search "How do I contact Pingit support?" in the search bar to find the ways you can get in touch.