It's not easy. We know that money is a key concern for many of our friends and customers at the moment. As we continue to keep a close eye on the situation, please be reassured that we're here to support you with your spending (albeit in our pyjamas).

Because we aren't allowed to give you a real cuddle, please accept this virtual hug - a list of ways we can help you manage your money for however long this lasts.

Contactless is more important than it's ever been

Although it's been part of our lives for more than ten years, contactless has taken on a whole new meaning - as limiting the things we touch outside of the home becomes a thing in a way we've never seen before. Research from scientists at London Metropolitan University found that banknotes and coins are contaminated by 19 different kinds of bacteria on average before making their way to your pocket.

For now, at least, you may prefer to use contactless, letting you pay without handling cash or touching a card terminal. You may have seen the the contactless limit has been increased to £45 which could make paying for that shop a little bit easier.

If going out shopping isn't an option...

A new kind of social spending

With so many things we used to take for granted temporarily out of our reach, we're all being forced to reconsider what 'essential' really means - and go the extra mile to keep ourselves and others safe via social distancing. For many of us, that means asking our friends and neighbours for help, or volunteering our own help where we can. Available 24/7, our digital app lets you send, request and receive payments for pretty much anything.

Whether you're picking up groceries for a vulnerable neighbour, paying your sister for your own essentials while you self-isolate, going halves on a takeaway with your housemate, or (for the particularly ambitious) sending your personal trainer money for a virtual HIIT sesh, our app helps you take care of the money bit effortlessly and safely.

Safety first

A quick reminder that not everyone is as lovely as you are. Fraudsters are using the coronavirus outbreak as a cover for scams. Remember, we'll never ask you to move money to a safe account, or ask you to share your passcodes or PINs with us. For more information, head to Barclays Digisafe.

Split your cash

We understand that, for many, money is going to be tight over the next few months. While there is a range of support being offered by the government to assist those in need, it's fair to say creating and sticking to a budget has never been more important. Our app lets you split your cash into jars, meaning you know exactly what you're spending and where. Pay your flatmates for your share of the bills, give yourself a jar for your food shopping - you can even link jars to contactless devices, or a Pingit card. Auto top-up options can draw money from your main account, ensuring you are never caught short.

Content to keep you sane

We miss you already. To help keep your spirits up in these challenging times, we'll be sharing tonnes of tips and ideas on our Pingit blog. Like these ones. Spooky.

For now, our staff are working at home in the aforementioned pyjamas. If you have an urgent enquiry that can't wait, please check our FAQs - or send us an email
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