Ideas to help support charities during lockdown

Marathons and moustaches. Coffee mornings and campouts. Relays and red noses. If there's one thing the British are good at, it's raising money for charity. But what happens to all of those good deeds when we can't leave the house?

As our incredible key workers fight for us on the front line, many of us have been left wondering what we can do to help.

Sure, we may be stuck in our respective homes, sure, we have to run across the road when we see another human approaching, and sure, fundraising looks a little different this year, but community spirit is alive and well. Just listen to all those people lighting up the night sky with their applause for the NHS at 8pm on a Thursday evening.

As our way of life continues to be impacted, the need for action has never been greater. In addition to the funds and supplies needed by those directly involved in tackling the pandemic, most other non-profits have been left understaffed and underfunded. Inspired by everyday superheroes around the world, here we've gathered some of our favourite ideas for virtual fundraising activities and powerful acts of kindness you can participate in without stepping beyond your doorstep.

Donate a talent

Handy with a hacksaw? Sick at songwriting? Cute with a crochet hook? Set up shop on social media and donate the profits to a charity of your choosing. If you spend your 9-5 as a tattoo artist, why not create unique prints of your art for people? If you're a hairdresser or beauty therapist, why not sell raffle tickets for a free treatment at your salon once this all blows over? The possibilities are endless - think about your passions and how you can turn them into a little fundraising side hustle.

Shave your head

Look, you don't have to - we're just saying you could. If shaving is too much, why not dye your hair a crazy colour, or grow a beard (if you can, naturally)? If you're feeling really brave, you could shave your eyebrows. That way, you also won't be tempted to leave the house.

Donate your commute

Take the money you would normally spend on your petrol, parking or train ticket, and give it to charity. It doesn't have to be travel-related, you could hand over the money you've saved on lunch, coffee or even beauty treatments (you won't be needing those eyebrow waxes for a while, hun).

Host a virtual pub quiz…

… or coffee morning, whatever floats your boat. Everyone donates a £5, everyone gets some much-needed social contact, and you can donate whatever you make to charity.

Run a marathon…

… in your garden. One man in Sidcup started this incredible trend, while another climbed Mount Everest just by walking up and down his stairs. Get creative, you have lots of time to do the math.

Camp out under the stars

Again, in your garden. Each weekend, adventurers up and down the country are putting up their tents, toasting marshmallows and eating BBQ breakfasts, all in the name of raising money for the NHS. Search #CampoutForTheNHS.

Clear out and save your stuff for charity

For obvious reasons, charity shops aren't open at the moment, If you're using your time at home to get organised, save your donations somewhere safe for when they open up again.

Donate your birthday

If your birthday falls in the spring or summer, your party might be short a few visitors this year. Why not ask people to donate what they would have spent to a charity of your, or their choosing? Facebook's birthday fundraiser tool is perfect for this.

Get the kids involved

Whether you're getting crafty, getting fit, or taking part in any one of the million insane kids challenges trending on social media right now, now is the perfect time to get the little darlings involved in raising money for charity - and it will keep them occupied for at least an hour as well.

Volunteer for the NHS

The NHS needs people to volunteer to bring supplies to vulnerable people in the community. If you are self-isolating, you could always sew and donate masks for local organisations in need.

Be vocal in your support

This Thursday at 7pm, come and join us in supporting The Big Night In Appeal and raise a glass (virtual or otherwise) and show your support for key workers.

It sounds cheesy, but the #1 thing you can do right now is stay home, stay positive, and show your support.

It doesn't have to be anything huge, you could simply donate online, buy food online for local food banks or update your out-of-office email to ask others to donate.

Remember, you can easily collect and donate money for charity virtually with Pingit Giving. Create a personalised fundraising page to make it easy for friends, family and customers to make their contribution.

Stay home and stay well friends. We've got this.

*Donations will be split equally between registered charities Comic Relief & BBC Children in Need, under their initiative 'The Big Night In Appeal'. For full terms click here.
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Georgia says:
Great cause! I will be watching this Thursday! Love all of the ideas - don't think I will be shaving my head though!
Apr 21, 2020 at 1:27 PM
Sam says:
Virtual pub quizzes are great fun, would definitely recommend! Love all of these ideas! I've donated :)
Apr 22, 2020 at 3:02 PM

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