Hi! I’m Owen and I work on delivering changes and new features to Pingit. I’ve been in the team for about 2.5 years now but the last year has been the most significant (possibly of my whole life!) as I got married in October. In fact, of our 13-person change delivery team, 4 of us got married in 2019…maybe there’s something in the water!

Before last year, I really didn’t use Pingit all that much – I found it great for charity fundraising and colleague leaving collections but I didn’t make much use of it beyond that. 2019 was different though. This was the year I got wed.

For anyone that’s got married, they’ll know a big part of wedding planning is the gift list. We didn’t want to do a conventional list (how many picture frames can one person need?!), so we thought about getting some help with our honeymoon instead.

My fiancée (or should I now say wife?) did some research and found a great site that allowed us to create a list of real bucket-list activities for us to take part in whilst we were away, that were affordable too. We were asked what payment methods we’d accept (bank transfer, cash, card) but the website charged for this. It then made me think, ‘why not use pingit.me’?

For those that aren’t aware, Pingit.me allows you to set up a link that’s personal to you (e.g. Pingit.me/yourname). Once you’ve shared it with people, they can then send you money from any UK bank account, without being charged. They don’t even need to have Pingit.

Perfect, I thought! So I asked my finacee to add it as an option on the website. In the end people were incredibly generous and almost 50% of contributions were made via the Pingit.me link with the rest split between direct bank transfers and cash in a card (we went to the US so a portion of that was in dollars which I forgot to pick up on the way to the airport… DOH!).

We were also able to make use of another feature, Pingit jars, which was released in April last year. They let you ring-fence your money to separate it from your main bank account (think back to the envelope method). I set up a jar called ‘Holiday’ (original I know, this is apparently the most common jar name) and transferred all contributions into that so we knew exactly how much we had to play with. Just before the holiday, I was able to pay for all of our activities with the money we’d collected.

Turtle in the sea
In my role, I get a good look at what's coming down the pipeline and I'm even more excited for 2020 and what it'll have to offer for Pingit. As for the honeymoon, as much as it's a cliché, my wife and I had the best time ever. We even managed to see sea turtles off the coast of the island of Kauai in Hawaii which was definitely the biggest tick off our bucket list.

Owen - Change Delivery

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