Happy birthday Leo!

Guys, if you haven't heard, July has thrown up some SERIOUS drama in the world of astrology. With rumours that NASA has uncovered a 13th zodiac sign; known as Ophiuchus, people around the world have been scrabbling to find out which star sign they actually are, with some reports suggesting as many as 86% of people have been getting it wrong all these years. RELAX, FOLKS. Nasa itself has, quite elegantly, put the matter to bed.

Check out the original tweet here.

Of course, there will be many of you out there who think astrology is complete codswallop anyway - but think about this. Whether you believe in the significance of it or not, all of us know what star sign we are, right?

And how many of us can honestly say we've never had a cheeky read of our horoscope? If you answered “Me! Me!", we're sorry to tell you this, but you are, in fact, reading a horoscope right now.


Laidback and lovable, Leos are known for their big ideas, bigger hearts and, famously, their self-confidence.

Famous Leos include Barack Obama, J-Lo, Madonna and Daniel Radcliffe. You're a lion, Harry!

What can Leos expect from the financial cosmos this month?

A time to set new goals

This month is all about energy, vitality, and a whole new year of you. As sun in your sign makes it easier to be yourself, why not spend some time thinking about what you really want to get out of the year ahead - and what you can do to get there. It may be a career goal, a financial goal, a relationship goal or simply a trip you want to take when the time is right. It could even be a new green velvet sofa goal, we won't judge. If there is a financial goal there, organising your cash using Pingit jars is a good way to help you think more clearly and remove stress barriers associated with managing your money.

The course of true love never did run smooth

It's a good month to be single, as lone lions have the chance to find unexpected heart-shaped vibes in their friendship circle - if they commit to making an effort in the social side of things. Those prepared to be even more adventurous in their social lives may find extraordinary people in seemingly ordinary places. Leos in relationships may experience unnecessary conflict this month, as egos clash. Give into your naturally generous nature and make amends with your beloved, whether it's your best friend or your partner, and treat them to something amazing.

If you're able to, why not pick them up bright and early with something nice to drink and nibble on the road. Then surprise them with their best day ever; a walk on their favourite beach, cycling around a historic town, a socially-distanced bottomless disco brunch, or just a good, old-fashioned trip to the local farm - whatever floats your goat!

Creativity pays off

This is the time to channel all that classic Leo optimism and confidence into creating something - perhaps even getting a little side hustle on the go. What do you love to do? Whether it's posh picnics, colourful dried flower arrangements, oil paintings or denim jackets customised with 80s characters. Mercury in Uranus towards the end of the month makes this a good time to get reacquainted with your own intuition - using your gut to make creative choices that feel right for you. You could even turn the thing you love into a business - if not, creating for creating's sake is a perfectly good way to go.

Hakuna Matata, lion friends… Let us know if we've got any Leos in the house, drop us a roar in the comments.

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