Pigs in blankets? It's veggies under vests for me this year.

For the last two months I've gone vegan and am currently living more of a plant based lifestyle. Some things have been easy for me (I haven't craved meat yet). Some, not so easy. (I miss eggs. I need an egg in my life!)

Considering I went cold turkey – literally, I am not doing that bad really.

But…the pressure is on for me this year. I'm hosting Christmas dinner so I have to cater for two vegans and the remaining meat eaters! Aside from the meat, I am going to make everything else vegan.

I renamed my Christmas jar to “Meat and two veg-ans" and started to stash the cash. I've put £30 aside each week away for the last couple of months and by the time the Christmas shop comes around I think I will have just over £300. WHOOP!

Initially I thought trying to do everything vegan would be more expensive. I couldn't be more wrong and it's surprised me how much cheaper meals can actually be with the right planning. I've started to tot up my shopping list and I should also have a bit left over which I'll spend on the Christmas drinks and games for everyone.

My “Sanjar Clause" jar also served me well – I didn't have to stress about how much I'm going to spend on gifts this year. I've set a budget, popped money aside and now it's there waiting to be spent! Pingit has been an amazing budgeting tool for me and got me into some great habits.

I can't believe it. For once everything is under control. Until the cooking starts…

Martyne - Activation and Engagement
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