From reusable food jars with recipes, to “The little Book of sustainable Money Habits”, the aim of National Student Money Week is to engage students in vital financial conversations. But of course, it’s not only students that can get involved in spending healthy so we wanted to share our favourite tips from the week.

Rescue uneaten food

A lot of stores and restaurants throw food away at the end of the day, so that the next day’s stock is as fresh as can be – not because there’s anything wrong with any of it. So why let it go to waste? Plan your shops towards the end of the day and you might pick up some bargains. There are also some great apps out there to help us waste less, which are worth checking out.

Sort out your money jars

Budget with Pingit. When it comes to developing healthy financial habits it’s great to be able to keep track of your spending and put money aside for your goals. Pingit lets you do just that with Jars.

Get a green hygiene kit

Scrub a dub dub. Hygiene has some of the worst offenders when it comes to single use, disposable products. Kit yourself out with sustainable hygiene products instead. There’s lots to consider: recycled toilet paper, menstrual pads, a decent reusable razor, bamboo toothbrushes and biodegradable dental floss.

Eat more plants

Cutting back on meat can be one of the ways to contribute to global sustainability. Introducing a few “meat-free” days into your week can have a huge impact. A cheap alternative to getting some protein in your diet is canned lentils and beans. Pop them into a vegetable based soup or stew and your body, and the planet, will thank you.

Get money smart

From educating yourself about ethical investments to learning how simple budgeting habits can impact the planet, our financial decisions can impact more than you think. Blackbullion can help you become more aware of your own habits so you can become a happier, healthier and better spender.

Make a Zero Waste Jar

Take the challenge to make a zero waste jar meal, which can be great for your purse and the planet. It’s simple, grab a reusable glass jar and fill with some healthy and delicious food. You could always pop the money you’d have spent eating out into a Pingit jar so you can see the impact it’s having on your spending.

There’s loads more tips too which you can find on Blackbullion

Share with us your top tips for spending healthily below.

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