Staying in this NYE

Ding. Ding. Ding. The group chat is lit this week. They’re chatting away making plans for New Years Eve. And we’re all unanimous, we’re staying in.

Ever been out and just run out of juice? Well FOMO (fear of missing out) can step aside. More and more of us millennials are opting to stay in on a Saturday night than go out and party. More than three quarters to be exact according to Voucher Codes. And it’s not just Saturday nights feeling the effects of JOMO, Netflix and chill is on the rise.

JOMO is when you’re secretly happy that plans have cancelled. When you’re sitting smug at home in your PJ’s whilst your friends party on their insta’s. It’s when you’re on your sofa looking at all the people lined up freezing cold outside the London Eye waiting for midnight to strike. And love it.

So instead of going out and spending a small mortgage to have a ‘good’ time. I’m staying in, swapping my little black dress for baggy oversized pyjamas. I’ll be leaving my phone alone until midnight and catching up on all my shows.

JOMO is the new craze sweeping our generation and if there is one resolution to make this year, it’s to be more JOMO.

Why you should adopt JOMO

If you haven’t already, why not? We’ve heard so much about FOMO and the social pressures it puts on us. It can make us check our work emails and social media far too much. JOMO is taking pleasure from taking a break from social activities, especially social media and just taking some me time.

Taking time away to relax and detox is so therapeutic. I remember being told in my first job that making sure you have at least one solid week off every three months is recommended to just keep you sane. I whole heartily support companies that are blocking employees access when they are away on annual leave. A recent survey from LinkedIn showed that 70% of people don’t disconnect from work when they take a holiday.

How to get JOMO

So how can you adopt the pleasure that is JOMO. I’ve listed some top tips below.
  • Digital Detox; start small, super small. Mark a few hours of your day where you won’t check your social feeds.
  • Say no; You’ll be surprised how forgiving and understanding your friends and family are if you just say you’re not feeling it.
  • Set red lines; stop texting after 9pm, don’t check your phone until you’ve been up at least an hour. You’ll be surprised how this little change can make a difference.
  • Start a hobby; Ideally something that doesn’t involve Wi-Fi, try your hand at making something or simply take a trip to your local bookstore.
  • Make a lifestyle change; swap white rice for brown, take the stairs instead of the lift.
One small change can really improve your positivity and make ‘me time’ easier to find.

I'd love to hear your New Years resolution so comment below

Adelle – Activation and Engagement
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