What is a Jar of Joy?

With everything going on in life it can be hard to keep track of what you should be spending, and where. Pingit lets you split your money into jars to keep your money for serious stuff like bills and essentials separate from your 'fun' spend. You can have jars for collections, jars for specific trips, jars to pay your flatmates from, and so on… But a jar of joy is even better. This is where you take all the money you would have been spending before social lockdown and put it aside for a few months' time. You can even name your jar – get creative…

What could you do with your jar of joy?

Whatever floats your boat. Cutting down on some areas of expenditure could give us the breathing space to buy something we wouldn't normally dream of. It could be a musical instrument. It could be that dreamy orange velvet sofa. It could be literally anything. Plan a reunion trip with your mates, book a writer's retreat, splurge on a new summer wardrobe (or let's face it, autumn), make up for this year's missed festival season. Even if it's just a night out at the cinema with bae, having some money stashed in your joy jar means you'll be able to enjoy life's little luxuries guilt free. If you're a really good person, you could use the money in your joy jar to treat someone else. If you're a GREAT person, you could even create a Pingit fundraising page and send all the money you save in your jar to your favourite charity.
Where might you be spending less?
Back in the old days, you may have been horrified to go through your monthly bank statement and see all the things you'd frittered your money away on. But now those spending habits could (quite literally) pay off.

A small meal, but a BIG source of expenditure. How often do you head into your local lunch chain for bog-standard sandwich, and come out ten quid lighter with a vegan wrap, beetroot latte, ginger shot, bag of crisps and muffin in hand? So long as you're eating tomato soup for lunch, take what you would have spent and top up your joy jar.

Gym membership
Those summer gains have been put on hold for the time being as many of us take to the living room or garden for our daily exercise. Take that eye-watering monthly membership fee and stick it in your joy jar.

The impossible dream. Between tickets, sequins, camping gear and £9 mac and cheese bought first thing in the morning, festivals can be expensive. If yours has been cancelled, get that £££ in your joy jar – even if you're just planning to spend it on another festival later on.

Did you know coffee costs the average British person up to £303 a year? And that's if you only buy a couple of lattes a week! This is a super-easy way to fill that jar with joy.

Your commute
Fuel costs, train tickets, topping up your Oyster… For those of us working from home, there could be a tidy chunk left over at the end of the month.

Meals out
Go out for a meal with your mates once a week and you'll soon hit triple figures over the month. Fortunately, these days, a meal with your mates usually consists of frozen pizza from the corner shop shared through the screen of your smartphone.

Nights out
No more rogue 'just-the-one-oh-no-look-it's-4am' moments.
Those spontaneous trips to the pharmacy where you go in for shampoo and come out having spent £70 on mint green hair dye, bands, a new hairbrush, a meal deal, some fake tan and a bottle of aftershave for your dad.

It happens.

Bonus round

Friday night quiz the highlight of your week? Us too. You could create a quiz jar for your team with an “entrance fee" for players. Give what you collect to the winners, donate it to a favourite charity, or, when lockdown is lifted, hit the outside world and use what you've stashed to do something fun as a group.
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