Hands up if you're yet to buy a single Christmas present 🙋. Yup. Me too.

Don't panic, we've got four weeks left until Christmas; that leaves us plenty of time to complete Santa's shopping list.

All of those presents can add up but it's never too late to start budgeting

So how do you make sure you don't over-spend?

I've scoffed many mince pies, and drowned in gingerbread lattes, to help you find the ultimate tips for Christmas budgeting. I'll also show you how Pingit jars can help you achieve your budgeting dreams.

Working out your Christmas budget

Budgeting. Is. Hard.

I've seen many of my friends work out what they think is a “budget", when in reality, they've just set a spend goal, and haven't thought of the better question:

“How will I afford this?"

Working out what you can afford is stress-free, thanks to hundreds of budget calculators online. My advice would be to try to find one that looks at all spending woes of life, (for example, includes expenses from MOTs, to going to the dentist). This way, you'll get a better grip on your finances this Christmas.

The fun way to organize your Christmas budget - with Pingit jars

Let Pingit sprinkle you with some Christmas magic.

Our jars feature allows you to create up to five Pingit jars which helps to set aside your budget into digestible bites.

I don't have just one jar. Or two. But five jars! I find this a great way to allocate my different budgets for food, fuel and festive fun. Coming up to Christmas, you can use your five jars in any way; have a jar for each family member, the dinner on the big day, and, the all-important mince pie budget.

A few, simple clicks and POOF! you've opened your jar. My favourite feature of jars is the ability to name it whatever you like – a level of personalisation that makes Christmas budgeting less of a bore. I've named one of my jars “Santa's Secret Stash".

Spending your Christmas money

You've managed to put all your hard earned cash to one side. You've been good, and not touched any jar of money you shouldn't have, and finally, the day has arrived to go shopping.

Traditionally, you would've had to log into your banking app, and transferred your separated cash to your account that has a card. This can wreck your budgeting skills as it mixes with your current and everyday transactions, making keeping track of your spending hard.

Christmas planner pro tip

Use a pre-paid card/device! By using the pre-paid method, your separated cash is kept at a safe distance from your current account, or credit card.

The good news is: Pingit gives you a choice of pre-paid options!

You can order our snazzy Pingit card for free (I know - free 🙌), in the app, or treat yourself by buying a new, contactless device here. Don't forget to check out the T&C's.

By using Pingit as your pre-paid method, you can move your device across all your jars, as many times as you like, whenever you like. Simply log in to the app, head to spend, and move it to the right jar. Easy as mince pies.

You'll no longer frantically search in your purse for the right card: it's all there, on one card or device.

Key Christmas budget takeaways to remember

Memorize the following like a catchy, Christmas carol:

1.Work out your budget

2.Create your Christmas jars and move your cash

3.Choose what device to get

4.Time to spend Santa's Secret Stash!

Christmas? Completed it mate.

By Adelle – Activation & Engagement Manager
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