I’ve named my device JARvis, he’s blue and white,
Think of that what you might.
Compact and small, he’s very light,
Most shopkeepers get a fright.

What on earth’s that, I hear them say,
It’s PINGIT man, it’s the way I pay!
Can I look closer, if I may?
Go ahead and make my day.

Separate your money into a jar,
For shopping trips, or going to the bar.
People watch you from afar,
Paying at the drive-through in your car.

I don’t have one I hear you sob.
Never fear, don’t call the mob.
Wristbands, straps or a jazzy fob,
Keeps you right, it does just the job.

Long story short, it’s so versatile,
You can pay your way, do it in style.
Well done PINGIT, you’re so agile,
Most of all, devices make me smile.

Angela - Digital Eagle
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