07 February 2020

Learning how to spend and live healthily

From 3rd – 7th Feb 2020, National Student Money Week has been happening on campuses around the country. It's the biggest money awareness week and this year, the focus is on sustainable money habits. We're really excited to have partnered with NASMA and Blackbullion (the financial education platform for students) to help people learn how to be happier, healthier and a more sustainable spender.

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04 February 2020

No Year's Resolution

Late to the New Year's resolution party? Then this one's for you...
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16 January 2020

Got itchy feet?

With the post-Christmas gloom that comes in January, it's no wonder that so many of us end up looking up and booking in our next adventure.

If you can't make up your mind on where to go next, stay tuned as we'll be sharing all the places we've seen that are hot (and maybe not) with our customers.

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02 January 2020

Get January sales ready

Bargain hunter Tom shares his top tips for surviving the January sales without breaking the bank.
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30 December 2019

JOMO - The Joy Of Missing Out

Ever felt the peer pressure of having to attend socials and events? Well move along FOMO, there's a new saying in town. Forget the fear, is all about the joy.
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27 December 2019

A poem about Pingit

One of our fantastic Digital Eagles was feeling festive and wrote a jingle about Pingit that we couldn't not share. Check it out...
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