30 March 2020

Dressed from the waist up: Our top tips for working from home

So, this is really happening… Unless you've been living under a rock, under a bigger rock, in a soundproofed room on Mars, you'll know that the situation we're currently in is one of, if not the biggest challenge we have ever dealt with during peacetime. Around the world, the outbreak has changed life as we know it, with new measures being introduced every day to help keep us safe. It's ok to be worried or anxious - these truly are unprecedented times, and we all need to support one another as we adapt to the 'new normal'.

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29 March 2020

Coronavirus help and support

Just letting you know we're still here for you. Times are tough, and the way you spend might've changed - but we're all in this together. If you need help, visit pingit.com for support.
18 March 2020

We're making it easier to check you're paying the right person

From 1st April, we're introducing a new service called Confirmation of Payee. This service is designed to give you greater assurance when you're sending money to others using their bank account details, and will help fight against fraud and scams.
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27 February 2020

Pingit People Spotlight: The Honeymoon

One of our Pingit People, Owen, shares how he made the most of Pingit to make his honeymoon dreams a reality.
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07 February 2020

Learning how to spend and live healthily

From 3rd – 7th Feb 2020, National Student Money Week has been happening on campuses around the country. It's the biggest money awareness week and this year, the focus is on sustainable money habits. We're really excited to have partnered with NASMA and Blackbullion (the financial education platform for students) to help people learn how to be happier, healthier and a more sustainable spender.

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04 February 2020

No Year's Resolution

Late to the New Year's resolution party? Then this one's for you...
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