18 August 2020

Money Horoscope: Leo

Happy birthday Leo! Generous, confident, and super chill, this month we're celebrating the roarsomeness of the lions of the zodiac. What does August have in its money box for the kings of the astrological jungle?

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03 August 2020

The big money moments that change EVERYTHING

Adulting, eh? It's not for everyone. While many of us would be quite happy to stay kidults forever – ringing mum to find out where our favourite t-shirt is, eating fish fingers, chips and beans for dinner most days (actually, that sounds kind of amazing), like it or not, at some point we all have to grow up. And with growing up comes the “R" word – responsibility, and with it, money management.

Yes, responsibility sounds like something scary said mum might say when she's telling you off for sleeping through your alarm, but we promise, it's not that bad.

Becoming a fully-fledged grown-up is a lifelong journey, where you can't ask your dad if you're nearly there yet. But look how far you've already come – and get excited about where you're going next. If you think about it differently, responsibility is just gaining the freedom to do more stuff your own way.

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08 July 2020

Making the best of your cancelled lockdown wedding

There have been broken hearts up and down the country this year, as thousands of weddings have been pushed back down the aisle to 2021 (not to mention hen and stags – does what doesn't go on tour, stay not on tour?). It's rough, but it's not all bad news. With nothing to do but sit around dreaming, couples now have a little longer to prepare. The icing on the incredibly-expensive cake? Any cash left unspent during lockdown can be put aside and used to make saying “I do" even more special next year.

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02 July 2020

Jar of Joy

Are you spending less or hanging onto more money than usual at the moment? If you're lucky enough to have a little left over here and there, setting up a 'jar of joy' could be a positive thing to do for yourself right now…

With so much uncertainty at this time, it can be hard to plan what you're having for dinner tonight (SPOILER ALERT: beans-on-toast-a-la-half-a-block-of-mature-cheddar), let alone what your finances are going to look like over the next six months. Even so, with such upheaval in our lives, having things to look forward to is important for our mental health. If you're in the fortunate position of having a little money left over at the end of the month once the essentials are all paid for, we suggest creating a little 'jar of joy' for the next time you fancy treating yourself or someone you love...

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24 June 2020

Gardstonbury: Your sequinned guide to throwing the ultimate DIY festival at home

It was supposed to be the festival to end all festivals. Fifty years in the making, Glastonbury50 was to feature headline sets from Taylor Swift, Diana Ross, and Sir Paul McCartney, with pretty much every musical artist we've ever heard of bringing up the rear. But alas, it wasn't to be.

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16 June 2020

Daddy Cool: Father’s day gift inspiration

As we brace ourselves for a weird, socially-distanced summer, it's time to celebrate the papas, dons and daddios keeping us all going with their rubbish jokes, banging BBQs, and, er, solid dance moves.

To help you treat the big man this year, we're offering up to 40% off a selected range of devices – designed to make paying more seamless and dad-stress-free than ever before. Read on to discover your Papa Bear's Pingit persona – and find him the perfect practical payment gift this Father's Day.
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15 June 2020

Jamelia’s 10 tips for not blowing your budget on a birthday party

With an average cost of £207 per party, the spend on lavish birthday bashes marking the first 365 days of baby's life has overtaken other milestone markers - with birthday parties for 5th (£160), 10th (£162) and even sweet sixteen (£198) trailing in its wake.

With the costly trend threatening to dent parents bank accounts, Pingit has partnered with parenting influencer, pop star and mother of two, Jamelia, to create tips on how to plan a memorable and stress-free birthday party, no matter the age of your little one.

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